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Australian Cattle Dog


Australian Cattle Dog
Australian Heeler / Australian Kettle Dog
Female baby is offered for sale - a rare shepherd puppy of the Australian Healer / Australian Cattle Dog - descendants of the Wild Dog Dingo, girl: blue, double mask, amazingly beautiful, super torso top line, smart, cute and active character, loving children. Litter from 19.05. 2019 under the letter "G" from parents from nurseries in Europe, fully tested for health and gene. diseases. Available only for the chosen right home: show, breeding, pet or sport. Not for people who are looking for giant and full puppies with bad habits. Father: red color - Champion of Russia, Three-time champion of RKF, Best of the Breed - Best representative of the breed (BOB), BOB, CW, Best Male, Champion RFLS, Champion OANKOO, Candidate for International Champions. Mother: color blue, Champion RKF. As the owner of a dog (litter father) of the Australian healer, # Australian Kettle Dog #AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG - for four years I can confirm the most distinctive and outstanding features and breed qualities tested with my healer "Ringo Sympathy" for four years: Compact average sizes. Without saliva Not demanding to care, wool self-cleaning, odorless. Extremely smart It affects the intelligence of the healer, a constant analysis of what is happening at the highest level. Faithful attentive caring cheerful companion. Intelligent and hardy dogs, with an excellent psyche. Devoted to his master, loving all family members, with every second desire to please. Po

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Australian Cattle Dog